Tom and I met talking via Strava, he put his hand up to pace me for Buffalo stampede and the rest is history. He’s a man of many talents, a great photographer, a strong trail runner (recently 3rd At Wonderland run), we share the same sense of humour which has made our bond even stronger. Excited to see how the rest of 2016 work for him, and look forward to sharing more trails and adventures.

Age: 27

Occupation: Freelance photographer/event contractor

The sport you train for: Ultra Running

Favourite event? Western states. Even though I have never run it, I have had a mild obsession with it after watching the film Unbreakable.

Most memorable moment in racing?
Coming into the 78km aid station in my first ultra and somehow finding the will to get going again.

Daily Diet:
Breakfast: Smoothie with banana, mixed frozen berries, kale, carrots, almonds

Lunch: Left overs from the night before (my go to meals are black beans with brown rice, or dhal – both with tonnes of veggies). Or I’ll knock up a massive salad.

Dinner: As mentioned before, black beans with brown rice or a good curry with heaps of veggies.

Snacks: Fruit/nuts and I normally have a second smoothie. I’ll also let myself have a pastry and a coffee or two.

Pre bed snack: Avocado on toast (I can’t sleep if I don’t have a full stomach)

Favourite Weekly meal you cook? : Black bean burritos

What do you eat/ drink when you run for nutrition? I only drink water while running. Food tends be a mix between gels and nut bars (Paleo blue bars)

You’re really sick with the flu. Rest or run? Rest

Why do you run? To be grounded in the present and explore new place

3 most important things in your life:

1. Relationships with others
2. Travel
3. Adventure

Last meal before you die? My dads roast potatoes. They’re sensational.