Andy and I first met when we were kids, our parents were friends in Tasmania. We reconnected through running after not seeing each other for over 15 years. I have massive respect for him, he goes about his business with a humble attitude and is a great example for his two gorgeous kids. Proud to have him as a mate, and by my side in some epic running adventures.

Age: 37

Occupation: Creative Director, SouthSouthWest

The sport you train for: Running

Favourite event?: Marathons. Chicago marathon in 2015 stands out, perfect conditions, support from the local crew (Three Run Two) and an all round sublime marathon weekend. Ran an equal PB after hitting the wall hard the previous year.

Most memorable moment in racing? : Every race produces something memorable, whether it’s good, bad or ugly. Hitting the wall in Chicago in 2014 taught me a lot about pacing and toughness. Finishing with Steve Moneghetti pacing me for a sub 3 on the Gold Coast in 2015. Pacing for UC in the You Yangs was as memorable as any of my own races and coaching 2 first timers to solid debuts at Melbourne Marathon in 2016 was tremendously satisfying and inspiring.

Daily Diet: I try to keep it pretty clean, simple and fresh. No red meat and limited sugar.

Favourite Weekly meal you cook?: Quinoa Taco meat Tacos with home made chilli beans and guacamole

What do you eat/ drink when you run for nutrition? Banana, Hammer Gels and water mostly.

Your really sick with the flu. Rest or run? I used to run, now I rest. Might be an age thing.

Why do you run?: Running brings sharp focus to everything else in life. I mostly run at dawn. It’s the perfect time to think through the challenges of the day ahead, or simply wake up being aware and connected, maybe it’s mindfulness. The solace in running provides self awareness of capacity, ability, strength and ambitions like nothing else I know. I normally run solo, but have recently been enjoying running with others.

3 most important things in your life: Family and friends, well being and progress.