Eric is a man with many passions, his love of trail running, food and strong family values shows through his posts on instagram. One of those people on social media that someday you hope to meet, he’s offered a lot of advice for me personally in terms of running. I thought it was only fitting to have him as my first overseas AOTW, his hastag #beyourselfbetruedrivehard sums him up very nicely. I wish him all the best for Western States next year, keep being you and a inspiration for all trail runners out there.

Age : 51

Occupation: Firefighter (retired)

The sport you train for:

Favourite event?: The 100 mile distance is my favorite event because it requires not only physical prowess but an equal amount of intelligence in order to have your best day. I have been able to muscle my way through lesser distances with success but the 100 always keeps me honest.

Most memorable moment in racing? : Seeing my wife with 4 miles to go in my first 50 miler and being so happy I was instantly overcome with emotion. Only for a little bit though…Still had work to do!

Daily Diet: Although I am concerned with my dietary intake, I am pretty free flowing and not all concerned with giving alot of thought to the science of it all. If I feel like eating strictly a salad for dinner then that’s what I do. And if on another day I feel like a rib eye steak I do that. Life is too short to count macros.

Favourite Weekly meal you cook? :
My wife does most of the cooking so props to her. I would say my go to meals are either pesto, garlic bread with a salad and Cabernet Sauvignon or grilled salmon over quinoa, garlic sauteed veggies with a salad washed with an imperial stout.

What do you eat/ drink when you run for nutrition?
I drink water and electolyte throughout the race with supplementary electrolyte tabs depending on the need. I start with gels or blocks with some fruit and start adding more solid food around mile 30-40. I try to have hourly caloric intake in between 200-300. I generally will stop eating anything in between mile 70-80 and drinking very little. This is how things go for me if all is going well.

You’re really sick with the flu. Rest or run? If I have the flu I am probably in bed however I always train through colds.

Why do you run: Because no other activity can duplicate the sense of freedom that running provides.

3 most important things in your life: My health and my family. I pretty much only have 2 because nothing else comes even close.

You can go back in time for 1 hour, where would you go? I actually have given a lot of thought to this and realised that I really don’t have a desire to do this. I know pretty boring answer but true.

Last meal before you die? : burger with lots of bacon, avocado garlic fries and a bottle of whiskey.