Greg and I met as we were climbing up Mt Bogong, 40km into the Alpine challenge. I had less sweat on my fingers so was able to swipe open his phone to check the maps and see if we were heading in the right direction. Fortunately we were, and so the tradition continued on for the next 50 kilometres together!

Sometimes Ultra running can get quite lonely out there, but we had the same pace and hit it off quite well, it was almost sad to see him turn around and leave. Greg was doing the 100km, he stormed home and had a well deserved result on the challenging course. I Look forward to catching up with Greg in the future and spending some more time of the trails with him.

Athlete of the week: Gregory Truloff

Age: 42

Occupation: Quality, Health, Safety Environmental Manager – Riverside Marine

The sport you train for? Ultra Running

Favourite event? One of my favourite events is the Cradle Mountain Run, a stunning run in an amazing part of the world. It is also more like a weekend away with mates, than purely a race.

Most memorable moment in racing? It is hard to pick one, as every ultra has many memorable moments. Running across the summit of Mt Bogong in the recent Alpine challenge is hard to beat however your first podium is always memorable and finishing that race where everything has gone wrong, you have battle injury, nausea heat and the demons in your mind to grind out a finish is often the most memorable.

Daily Diet? I don’t work to a strict meal plan. I adjust meal size, fats, carbs and salts based on my training for the week. If I am upping the k’s or doing long runs I increase my fat and carb intake. Key for me is clean, organic where possible, unprocessed food. I mainly eat lots of fruit and vegetables, pulses, wholemeal unrefined grains and a little lean red meat and fish.

Favourite Weekly meal you cook? Some would say breakfast for dinner, however one of my favourite meals is scrambled eggs with mountains of sauté spinach, topped with hot smoked salmon and course sea salt on wholemeal sourdough and avocado. Carbs, proteins, fats and salt all in one!

What do you eat/ drink when you run for nutrition? Because I tend to run mainly unsupported races without crew, I keep it very simple. For nutrition I carry energy gels, GU brand and the less sweet flavours such as salted caramel work for me. Sometimes I have some fruit, particularly bananas at aid stations.

If I have drop bags, I have everything from jerky, sesame bars, baby food, Red Bull to chocolate coated coffee beans, just in case I feel like it but generally I don’t touch it. For hydration I alternate between water and electrolyte drink but make sure I drink regularly, at least every 15 minutes. Once again I avoid sweet flavours. I prefer Nuun electrolyte tablets in citrus flavours and I recently tried Skratch Labs hydration mix which was awesome, it is all natural and not too sweet.

You’re really sick with the flu. Rest or run?  5 years ago it was ALWAYS run. Now I consider what I am training for, when is my next race and my workload. Generally I rest, recover and train harder when I feel 100%. Experience tells me this is best in the long run.

Why do you run? I started running because of a family history of heart disease and I needed to get fit. Now I run, partly because it is habit and I am addicted to the runners high and the challenge of running further faster but mainly because it takes me to amazing places and I get to run and meet so many amazing people out there on the trails. (yes I am one of those annoying people who talk when they run races)

3 most important things in your life? The 3 most important things in my life are:

  • Love: for my beautiful wife and children
  • Health: looking after my body and mind so I can get out there and run both now but hopefully until I am old and grey
  • Being a good person and helping others less fortunate than me

You can go back in time for 1 hour, where would you go? I try never to look back but focus on looking forward and then making it happen. If I could go forward in time I hope to see myself on the start line of the Western States 100 one day.

Last meal before you die? Anything cooked simply over a fire on a remote, deserted beach, with seafood just plucked out of the sea and a super cold beer or glass of white wine (of course).