I was fortunate to meet Lee on my local Trail Arthurs Seat, from there we formed a great friendship. Every time we catch up for a run we have great conversations, usually about racing upcoming events, work and family. He’s a really friendly, genuine and hard working guy. Unlucky at times to miss races due to injury, through this has learnt the art of patience. A very handy tool for a runner, and shows why he bounces back and has some awesome results in his races. Looking forward to more time on the trail with him, especially if we can share some race time in SCC this year.

Age : 41

Occupation: Law enforcement

The sport you train for: Running (both trail and road)

Favourite event?: Marysville Marathon 50km

Most memorable moment in racing? : As a kid winning UK equivalent of 3 State titles for steeplechase (and I’m a short-arse!)

Daily Diet: Shocking… a nutritionist’s nightmare.

Favourite Weekly meal you cook? : A nice leek and mushroom risotto.

What do you eat/ drink when you run for nutrition? I use Tailwind for hydration and VFuel gels, I’ve only raced up to 50km so haven’t had to test solid food yet.

You’re really sick with the flu. Rest or run?
I’d run up till the point I know I really should rest.

Why do you run: I run because I can… I appreciate that for a host of reasons there are people that can’t run, so I don’t take for granted that I have the ability and motivation to do so.

3 most important things in your life:
1. My wife and family (including my 2 cats Woody and Jessie – big Toy Story fan!!). 2. My health. 3. Having the latest Garmin!

You can go back in time for 1 hour, where would you go?
Summer of 1966 to watch the soccer World Cup Final between England and Germany… as us poms have been feasting off that 1 victory for 51 years!!

Last meal before you die? : Pizza and a beer.