Mike and i met in the summer of 2015/16 training on the two bays ultra course. I liked the fact that i would see him run for longer than the group and still stick to his plan even when it was a 30 plus degree day out on the trail. Needless to say his top 10 performance that year in the Two bays ultra dictated and reflected how hard he trained, and reflects exactly how is as a person.
He recently helped pace me at ‘The Alpine challenge’, without doubt one of the most memorable times we have shared together. Without his mateship, encouragement and dry wit, i would not have done any where as well as i did. Looking forward to more long chats on the trails and paying back his role as a top shelf pacer.

Age: 29

Occupation: Carpenter

Sport you train for: Long distance road/trail running

Favourite event: Great ocean road running festival. 5 years in a row now. Best view and quite a challenging road course.

Most memorable moment in racing: Coming down the Main Street of Apollo Bay, about to finish the 60km event (my longest event at the time) and having my name announced over the speakers after having just won my age group. Felt like a rock star!! Was chucking out shakas to everyone.. (What an idiot).
Pacing U.C in his recent 100mile Alpine challenge was definitely up there though. We had spoken for months how epic it was gonna be running through the night and into the sunrise over the Alpines. It lived up to that for sure!! And more!! Would recommend doing this to anyone who gets the chance. Running is such a solo sport at times so to be able to be part of a Crew/team was so awesome and to see your friend/teammate do so well was very satisfying.

Daily Diet:
Breakfast: Mix of crushed Vita-Brits, oats, seeds, nuts and sultanas.
Lunch: Always 2-3 bits of fruit. Rice cakes with a tin of tuna or left overs
Dinner: Big bowl of veggies with nearly every dinner. Variations of brown rice, brown pasta, eggs, salmon and chicken and different salad dishes. I’m not a vego at all but do find myself having a lot of vegetarian dishes for dinners.

Favourite meal you cook: Basically not allowed in the kitchen. Legit!! Sometime I’ll heat up a dish if I’m home alone. But any of the meals my Girlfriend cooks are spot on!

What do you eat/drink when you run for nutrition: I’m really bad at this but am working on it.
Road marathon: 2xHammer gels 400ml of water.
Anything bigger then a Marathon: 3+Hammer gels, Hammer Perpetuem and water on course.

Really sick with the flu. Rest or run:
Up until two months ago I was a real “rest when ya dead” kind of guy. But I’ve been lucky enough to do a big block of training with U.C over the last two months and he has taught me the importance of rest and recovery. Couldn’t believe how good my body felt even though the load of training was full on. So defiantly listen to the body and rest.

Why do you run:
I really love training, working hard and getting the best out of myself. I played team sports for years and realised not everyone had the same attitude, so come game day it was pretty clear who had done the work and who hadn’t. This would usually lead to poor overall team performance. In running, especially long distance running if you haven’t done the work there’s no where to hide and you’ll get found out real quick. No one to blame but yourself! I like this!
When you run anything is possible, all you worries fade and your imagination can flow freely, like being a kid all over again.

3 most important things in your life:
My girlfriend
Work ethic and Morals

Last meal before you die:
My Girlfriends Chicken Pesto Pasta (a bucket of it!!)