Salomon has dropped a bomb with their latest release in the sense range. Introducing the Pro max, a highly cushioned runner built for the longer days on the trail.

This shoe is going to get trail runners excited this summer with a low drop of 6mm, a snug fit and a light weight feel of 290g.

If you’ve found the sense range in the previous editions to be too tight, you’re going to love the feel of putting these max’s on. They’ve a more generous forefoot fit, the type of shoes you know you’ll like as soon as they’re on.

The conversion from my 8.5 UK is usually a 9.5 US, however with the Salomon it went down to a size 9 US. At first I was a bit worried, but it’s turned out to be a comfortable fit. The sock liner literally just holds your foot really comfortably inside and after pulling tension on the lasers; your foot is held securely with no movement.

The Max’s are debuting the Salomon Vibe midsole inserts, designed to reduce vibrational shock through the mid foot phase of foot strike, translated in English to a sweet cushioned ride, especially I found, on the downhill.

I took these on my holiday for a month up to Byron, hitting the coastal trails, Nightcap National park and the road to the lighthouse. What I found most impressive about these shoes – apart from the smooth feel – was their ability to seamlessly transition from road to trail while still offering great protection.

When I say I took them away, I basically didn’t take them off. As far as durability goes they’re holding up quite nicely, 320 kilometres deep and they’re showing no signs of wear and tear. I have the fluoro yellow/green edition, my only negative would be that the dirt shows up straight away, Salomon would make a lot of people smile if they brought these bad boys out in a all black colour way.

The drop on these shoes have allowed for great contact with the ground. With added wet traction contagrip, these shoes are able to handle most trail surfaces well. The grip is very similar to the Sense Ultra’s, I’ve found them to have great control over dry terrain, but slipped a touched in wet mud. I’ve ran some big sections of road in them and found them to be ideal, making this shoe very handy to have in your arsenal.

To me it’s the perfect shoe, a great all rounder and now my go to footwear come race day.
I have to point out I’m a massive fan of cushioning, I want a trainer that I can wear
and not have to worry about feeling every rock I run on, especially in the dying stages of a
long run or race. The Sense pro max shoe has addressed the issue of possibly a narrow fit for some feet, which will welcome some very happy new breed Salomon runners.

Although the shoe may not be for everyone, the shoe is a must try, and to be honest if you like a snug fit and low drop your going to love them.

The Max’s have become my day-to-day go to shoe; they tick all the box’s I need from a trail shoe. Low drop, but not to low, great cushioning and protection but not compromising on the feel of the ground. As the slogan goes for the Sense Pro max’s..’Dig the distance, see the scenery change before your eyes, its not a run it’s a journey’. Go get a Pair!


Photography: Tom Le Lievre